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Trauma Informed Practice

tisSchools have always had students with struggles in their lives that make learning more difficult. That number seems to be ever increasing.  In an effort to better serve our students and try to meet the needs of all, CES applied to receive special training as a Trauma Informed School. Thankfully, we were among the few chosen and have begun that training process.  We are learning how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have a current and lasting effect on the child and even alter brain development. The main emphasis focuses on strong and supportive relationships. Even the worst situations can be lessened or overcome if teachers, family members, and friends take time and care to help the child rise above their current struggle and move forward toward their goals.  

Below are links for video clips that were used in our training. You may find this information both interesting and beneficial.


Links to Videos from First Part of Building Strong Brains Presentation

How Brains are Built


Why do we Lose Control of Our Emotions?


Dr. Daniel Siegel Presenting a Hand Model of the Brain


Experiences Build Brain Architecture


Adverse Childhood Experiences Study